Build Your Own Makeshift Shelves

So when it comes down to it there really are an endless amount of do it yourself or DIY projects that you can do around your house, and really all it takes is you coming up with a little bit of ingenuity and creativity and then starting up a really cool project that who knows how long will take you, but of course we understand that it sometimes is hard for a lot of people just to come up with something really creative to do on their own especially in their homes for a do it yourself project, but that is exactly why we are here because we know that sometimes when you are at yourself and you are bored that you wish you were doing something more creative and fun and that is exactly what we can help you out with because we are here to give our readers a bunch of different ideas about great DIY home projects that can definitely make a big difference in a bunch of people’s lives, or at least could change around a boring day into a more fun day in which all of us are more aware of what is going on in terms of their homes and that means that when you get in this type of situation in which you are doing a DIY home project that you are obviously going to know that there is something really cool to be learned throughout all of these articles and blogs, and I think that is something that we definitely want to get across, and so if you have been reading the other articles in this blog then you definitely know that so far we have talked about a bunch of different DIY home projects that you can around the house, and that means we are going to continue our list of cool projects to do at home and you are going to learn something cool, so just keep reading on and learn your next DIY home project.

So I think the next DIY home project that we are going to talk about is something that a lot of people might be really interested in, especially if you are the type of person who likes to read a lot but you don’t have a good place to put all of your books. Because the thing is that we are about to talk about how some people build their own bookshelves with makeshift planks of wood and two ladders you can see how these guys did it for their office Now this might seem kind of expensive and not so much of a DIY project because you probably more than likely have to go buy a bunch of the supplies for this particular bookshelf, but if you do it the right way then you will definitely have a really large and successful bookshelf that is capable of holding a bunch of books and weight in general so that’s definitely really good, and another thing that is good about this DIY bookshelf is that it is pretty cheap and it looks really cool too so that is always going to be a big plus in the social books.

Another really interesting way to create a solid piece of furniture for your house, and maybe you could do this with an outdoor area in which you feel like you need some outdoor furniture, but of course what we are talking about is making a couch from wooden pallets. The way in which you do this is you get around six pallets and then take them on top of each other in an L shape and then you get some really comfy cushions and just put them on top of the pallets near a corner in a room and then you will definitely have a pretty cool couch.

Do All Of Your Home Projects Yourself

Everyone really likes to do all sorts of at home projects and that is probably because everyone likes for their home to look really cool and project themselves to all of their guests through their clever abilities and arts and crafts creativity. It’s fun not only so you can brag to all you friends about how clever you are but to actually have some fun times and get something useful and fun in your house that you can cherish for the whole time that you live there, and that is part of the joy of do it yourself home projects, and that is because when you do projects like this the after effects of the do it yourself projects or DIY projects are definitely going to be felt for a long time afterwards, and that is part of what makes doing all of these things worth it because it might take a few hours or maybe even a whole afternoon but once you are done you have an end product that is going to last forever, and that is what all art is about if you really think about it, but of course we are not here to start talking about art in general, but we are going to be talking a lot about all different types of DIY projects in which certain individuals do not understand how to accomplish, but we are here to give you a bunch of different ideas that will help you and your family have a bunch of fun the next time it’s a rain day and you guys need something fun to do in your house, which of course can sometimes be boring, but when you make a DIY home project out of it all of a sudden staying indoors during a rain storm doesn’t sound so bad after all.

One really cool DIY project for while you are at home that I think a lot of people will and should get excited about is the project in which your transfer one of your own personal photographs or really any image you would like and put it on a slab of wood that you can then put up on a wall or do whatever you’d like with. Now, when I first saw this DIY project I thought it was awesome and I needed to learn the process so I could try it out, but of course that means that there are is a pretty intricate process that you need to know which I will now explain.

So the first thing that you need to do is cover the wood with a gel medium by using a paint brush and very smoothly and evenly apply the gel medium to the slab of wood. Then you place a normal piece of paper with the picture side down on the piece of wood and then spread it out all nice and tightly up to the point in which there are no more bubbles. Then you wait around for awhile, usually until the next day and you just let it dry over night. Then the next morning you wet the surface of the paper with a damp rag, and once the paper is wet you very gently rub the wet paper off of the wood in little clumps. After you do this your next step is to clean of all the paper residue from the wood, and at this point you will definitely be able to see that the picture is firmly and really successfully a part of your piece of wood, so then your next step is to make it official, and by covering the picture in mod podge you will understand that it will become a solidified piece of art in due time while you let the mod podge dry, and then your DIY home project is complete and you have a great piece of art of whatever picture you want on a piece of wood, which of course looks really cool in general.


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DIY For The Kids

When it comes to doing things yourself around the house I think a lot of us really enjoy doing things like this and for the most part it is something that is really fun and usually entails arts and crafts and other things like that which are always a bunch of fun for the whole family, and that is part of what makes DIY house projects so much fun and that is because you can get things done that you need to get done, but you can also be really creative about it which makes it fun.

Of course we are not talking about yard work or gardening which is sometimes really strenuous and not so much fun especially on hot summer days, but we are talking about little indoor and outdoor activities that are fun for everyone, and that is the main point of doing all of these articles about DIY things that you can do around your house and that is to simply just have a lot of fun. I don’t think enough of us really understand that having fun is a really important part of our lives that we need to pay a significant amount of attention to, and for the most part I think a lot of us forget how important it is to have fun on a regular basis in which we don’t have to spend any money.

It’s a total shame when kids get older and then all of a sudden all the gifts and stuff that they want and want to do is all expensive when they were younger and it was so much easier and they would be thrilled about getting a gift that cost around ten dollars, but of course times are changing and so are the children that are growing up in these days of high technology and every day consumerism, but of course consumerism is what keeps the world going, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a little break from shopping and just do something yourself and have a really cool item that you have never thought about that you really like. And this is exactly what we are going to be helping you with throughout all of these articles, and that is to help you better understand some DIY things that are super cheap and easy to do that you can simply do around the house and with children, and I think you will be really happy to come to the understanding that a lot these DIY projects are a lot of fun and will have you and your friends and family laughing throughout the whole process.

So here we go with out next DIY project that you can do around the house and this is definitely one for the intellectual types who have simply run out of room on their bookshelves and want to display their books in unique ways, and I think that books and shelves full of books is a great way to decorate your home, so why not do it yourself and create your own very unique bookshelf? You might think that this would be really expensive but the truth is that you could easily just use a bookend and create a floating bookshelf, and this is something that I think a lot of people don’t realize is a great way to display books. It is really simple and all it entails is taking your metal or sturdy book end and then screwing it into your wall wherever you want your books displayed and then simply putting your books on the bookend and displaying them up on a wall, and this actually will look really cool and I think your friends and guests at your house will be really impressed by this.

Around The House

When it comes to doing things on your own around the house there definitely are an unlimited amount of activities that you can do, and if you are a stay at home mom then you definitely have a lot of time on your hands and you most likely are spending a lot of that free time inside your house so this is definitely something that would appeal to stay at home moms who are kind of bored and are just trying to do some fun activities around the house that will allow them to feel more satisfied with their lives or whatever, and that is definitely a pretty cool experience because I think for the most part when we are trying to talk about DIY things to do around the house we are just trying to figure out some fun, quick and cheap things to do that are obviously kind of easy and don’t require a bunch of work. Although I think it is really cool to go for it and do some really big DIY projects around the house, we are assuming that you just want some ideas for some small projects that you might not normally think about, so that is exactly what all of these articles are going to entail and be about. So if you are the type of person who is looking for your next DIY project to do around your house then you have most definitely come to the right spot on the internet because for the most part what we are going to be talking about throughout these articles is a bunch of fun things that are DIY home activities and that is going to definitely brighten up your days and give you a bunch of ideas for you next DIY house project, so keep on reading, get inspired and let us know how it goes when you tackle on one of these DIY projects to do around the house.

OK, so the next DIY thing that you can do around the house that we are going to be talking about in this particular article is just really simply turning in one of your t-shirts into a work out tank, and I know a lot of you have probably already done something like this, but of course it is always just a fun thing to do and it definitely can turn an OK looking shirt into a really cool work out tank. So the first thing that you need to do when you do this project is pick out a shirt that you wouldn’t mind cutting up completely, so there’s that, but when you decide on which shirt you want the first thing to do is intricately cut off the sleeves and collar of the tee shirt. You might want to cut off the bottom of the shirt a little bit, especially if you are a hot mom just trying to show off that yoga tummy of yours the next time you go work out at the local gym or in the studio, but of course that is always a subjective move that isn’t for everyone, but if your hot then go for it let’s see that nice abs you’ve been working on, right? So the next thing that you will want to do when you get to this point is to decide which type of collar that you would like, and I think you should definitely turn that Tee shirt collar into a nice V-neck because that is always really cute and whatever, so when you do that then you are almost ready, but if you really want to go above and beyond the normal cut off DIY workout shirt then you should follow this next step which is really important and that is to use your cut off fabric and then tie it around the new tank straps that you created so that the straps are now interconnected and very tight. This way when you put on your DIY workout shirt your chest will definitely be extenuated and you are totally going to look like such a babe that you are the next time you go work out and that is partly one of the reasons to go to the gym anyways so you’ll definitely be happy you did this DIY thing around the house so when you are at the gym you’ll feel really cool and know you didn’t spend any money to make yourself look super hot at the gym.

DIY And Save Money

For the most part I think that a lot us like to make sure that our homes are as cool as they possibly can be, because when it comes down to it our homes are always going to be a reflection of ourselves and if you have a boring looking house you are going to come off as a boring person, and that might not always be the case because a lot of people just don’t care about what their houses look like, but then you might just come off as a person who is careless and that is probably true as well.

So of course it is always pretty difficult to know what to do with your homes especially if you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on hiring someone to come do some home improvement project for you that doesn’t necessarily warrant the hiring of another person, but that is exactly why doing it yourself is the best way to go for a lot of things around the house. You might think that your house is perfect, but the thing is that there are always little projects that you can do on your own that are fun and a good way to spend a weekend afternoon when you are just trying to relax at your house, and it definitely will keep you busy and you will definitely feel accomplished because you will be able to do it your self or DIY and then that will give you a sense that you actually did something important with your life.

Now, of course people are always looking for some DIY things to do around the house, and that is exactly what we are going to be able to help you with through these articles because we have prepared an elaborate list of a bunch of really cheap, really easy things to do on your own in your house that will make your house that much better, and of course they are just fun to do that anyone can do so like we always so why not DIY? Of course I don’t think these projects are necessarily for everyone and if you are a young child you should probably do some of these projects with parental supervision, but of course that goes for just about everything else too so we don’t necessarily need to go into a lot of details about this because it is kind of unnecessary. But if you are the type of person who is interested in learning more about DIY Things that you can do around the house then you have come to the right place online because this entire website is all about giving people great ideas to do on their own around the house and that means you are in for a bunch of treats and a lot of fun, so just keep on reading and enjoy the articles!

So the first DIY thing that you can do around the house that we are going to talk about is something that is so easy that anyone can do it, but still if you are a kid you should do it with one of your parents or an adult around because it does entail using an oven and that can be a little sketchy for little kids, but the thing that we are going to talk about is a perfect idea for young children and hat is to make sharpie mugs. Sharpie mugs are super fun and easy to do and of course they can elicit a bunch of creativity and you get to use them and share them all the time, or at least as much as you use your sharpie mugs which is probably a lot of the time. The first thing that you do is get a mug that is pretty much all white or maybe doesn’t have that much design work on it and then you get a bunch of sharpies of different colors, and then you do whatever you want with the sharpies and draw whatever you want on the mug, which is the fun part, and then bake the mug for thirty minutes at three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit and then your sharpie mug should be ready to go. This is definitely a really easy, but still really fun thing to do on your own around the house, and if you have little kids I definitely is a fun, artistic project to get kids thinking outside the mug!